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6 March 2019

Pining for GeoCities

by Mike

Yeah, I know - this blog looks like it time-warped here from 1997. It’s my perfect angel :heart:

I’m not ignorant to the irony of preferring a very retro, very outdated, very simplistic blog platform while simultaneously trying to learn the latest and greatest in JavaScript development. As I so often hear about the English language, though, you have to learn the rules so you can know how to break them.

Even as web design gets sleeker, smoother, and more feature-oriented, there’s something very comforting to me about the simplicity of an HTML table and high contrast color. I came into web design at the advent of HTML 4 in my very early teens, and this whole early-internet aesthetic is intertwined with the nostalgia I think a lot of us carry for a simpler time in our lives. A time before life decided to kick us in the teeth on a daily basis.

So while I study Angular and start linking Bootstrap to an endless string of “Hello World” pages, I’ll at least have this small space to return to for comfort. One last shrine to a very bygone era and a sense of place to which I can never fully return.

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