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15 April 2019

Fatal Error

by mike

I hate failure. Utterly despite it. I hate making mistakes, I being wrong, and I hate forgetting things.

Most of all, I really hate it when someone discovers one of my failures in a project a full year after I’ve completed it.

Having to revisit a job is the worst kind of humbling. I left this server with my head high in the air and my chest puffed out. I declared everything complete. The ticket was closed. The documentation was entered.

Yet here I find myself slinking as quietly back as possible. Walking past the long line of green checkboxes to the far end - the one small, unchecked box at the end. A small unchecked box that managed to undo the entire project. The unchecked box that cannot be so easily checked now that the wheels are in motion. Now that we’re in


So, now I’ll brush the dust aside. Sigh. Feel the eyes on my back. Hear the faint whispers.

“I thought that was done.” “I thought that was done, too. Did he…forget something?” “Ohhh…”

I sigh again. Crack my knuckles. Get back to work.

tags: tech - culture